I can’t believe I got to touch this book!

  There is a bookstore that I love because unlike other used item stores, they are organized and smell good! Some of their inventory comes from estate sales. One time, the sales person was so excited about these books they had just gotten in, she let us see them. And touch them. And it was SO COOL! Although not quite in mint condition (they had some smoke damage), they were remarkably well preserved for being one of the first copies of Captain Cook’s voyages. The pages felt like dollar bill paper. And look how they spelled Hawaii! 

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Back Door Guests are Best


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Cardinal Cross Stitch

My grandparents love birds. My grandfather particularly loves cardinals. When I saw this pattern on sale, I couldn’t resist the urge to make it for them. About halfway through I realized I wasn’t losing my sight, it’s just 18-point Aida. Anyway, I think he turned out pretty well, and Dziadzia likes him.


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Unstoppable dinosaur

a good baby gift, no?

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