Green Flash Soul Style IPA

Bright & Tropical! I’m not sure what that really means, or what soul style is supposed to be, but I really like this IPA. 75 ibu, pretty hoppy, nice and crisp.
Pro tips: $8.99 for 6 at Total Wine is a great deal. (They normally sell 4-packs of Green Flash at that price.) Green Flash will never let you down.


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Orange Curtain IPA

Pretty good!

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Hot Air Balloon Cross Stitch

hot air balloon

My friends Chris and Mindy got engaged on a hot air balloon ride. For their wedding present, I made this cross stitch for them from a pattern I bought on etsy. (It’s actually been a year since they got married; I’m just terrible at posting things on time.)

When deciding which pattern to buy, I saw the size of the design and thought it wouldn’t be a huge project. I was wrong. There were so many stitches! And all so close together- so if you mess up the edge of one of those stripes, the whole thing would be wonky.

I sewed all the way to Paso Robles, which took 8 hours with traffic. And I sewed the whole way back, 5 hours. And I sewed every night during the week. And I finished this baby in the car on the way to the wedding!

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Palate Wrecker… Really is.


palate wrecker

beer speaks the truth

  Try it, friends. Do something nice for yourself. 

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