Weird Things People Say to Observe Pregnancy

I thought it was rude to ask someone if they are pregnant. One of those things you’re just not supposed to do, like ask someone what they weigh. What if they aren’t pregnant? In my case, it’s fairly obvious. I’m all belly and it’s clear I didn’t just eat a big sandwich. But still!

In addition to the simple ask, people avoid the question with the word “pregnant,” but they say the darndest things. These are all direct quotes:

“Is that a baby pouch?”

“You’re looking pretty ripe”

“Are we expecting?” (I don’t know, are you? You and I are not a “we,” lady!)

“Oh my gosh, what’s this?”

“You’ve been busy.”

“You look like you’re preparing to be blessed.”

“I can tell your baby is going to be beautiful, because you are so beautiful!” I thought this gentleman was hitting on me, as I had never met him before and he was in the grocery store line behind me. Then he started talking about his kids and grandkids. I am a bad judge of age.

People (mostly women) you don’t know also start calling you Mommy and Mama. Incessantly. I am not their mother!

Older gentlemen love to tell you how rewarding having a family is.

It’s such an interesting social experiment.

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