Moxie with moxie

We’ve had Moxie-dog for over seven months now. She is such a sweetie. She lives for belly rubs and loves to watch her herd watch TV. But the poor thing is so bored all day when we’re not around for her to follow around.
She knows “sit” and “stay” and “heel” and had gotten over her separation anxiety, but recently started to bolt when the front door opens. Since then, we’ve been taking her to the park to get her sillies out, running or going on “the long walk” (1.5 miles), but to no avail. As active as we have tried to become for her, those long hours of staring at the door and not being able to get through to the neighborhood cats is really starting to wear on our girl. So it’s become apparent to us that she needs a bigger house with a herd that is around more, and a dog friend who can teach her how to be a dog.
For awhile, I did not drop the l-word about her. But this is a decision we did make out of love. It was hard. There were tears. And I’m really going to miss her.
There’s no way in Hell we’re going to send her back to a shelter, but we are actively looking for a nice big yard with some kids and a dog that need some Moxie in their life.
Let me know if you know someone!

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