It’s the future

I forgot my wallet at home today, but it was ok, because I have the Wallet app from Square. A lot of places use the Square to slide cards, but last time I went to a coffee place on campus, square texted me that I could start a tab. It turns out that that particular place doesn’t let you pay that way, but there are seemingly endless choices nearby that do accept it.
It was so easy. I didn’t need to drive the hour home for my card or cash or I.D. To eat something. My picture is on square so they know someone didn’t just find my phone and start charging things.
We are living in the future! How crazy is this?
Sometimes I have guilt attacks for having a smartphone even though I don’t have a big fancy job that needs to reach me all the time. I don’t want to be tied to tech. I don’t want to be one of those people who can’t do anything without their phone.
But then I have days like this, and I’m amazed that we can do all these awesome things from the palm of our hands! I am reminded that my phone is useful and not just a time and money sucker. It is so cool!
I am writing this at Starbucks on the free wifi that my phone automatically connects to.
I feel a little like Marty McFly.
This is the future; what am I doing with it?


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