Punchy Pears

So I bought a bunch of pears because they were expiring. And when I say a bunch I mean I bought 24 pears for two dollars. (Love those Daily Specials!) I threw most of them into my dehydrator to make chips, but I saved six for this awesome dessert.

The original recipe is from Jacques Pepin’s book Fast Food My Way, which is a great cookbook that I highly recommend. But because it’s me, I got even more lazy with the recipe; I didn’t quite follow instructions. At all.

I threw all my leftover wine, maybe 2 cups, into a medium saucepan and put it on medium heat, then I peeled and chunked 6 small pears, adding them to the wine. Then I remembered there was supposed to be 1/3 cup of honey in the wine, but since I hadn’t measured the wine, I just poured honey in until I felt like it was enough. (There was supposed to be grenadine in it also, but I don’t like that stuff so I didn’t go out to buy any just for this.) When the pears were tender, I pulled them out of the sauce, then reduced it for about 10 minutes and poured it back over on top of the pears.

I think I was supposed to let it cool, but I just scooped some ice cream and put a few chunks of pear and a spoonful of sauce on top. It was quite possibly the most fantastic ice cream soup I have ever created.

Seriously though, this is one I am going to make again. It’s a crowd pleaser, especially if you like wine, hot fruit, and some sweetness.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

(You have to go make it now.)


(That is the best Reading Rainbow impression I can do online. It’s even worse in person. Sorry to subject you to that kind of thing.)

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