Take a Look at My Awesome Kitchen

Ever since moving to this tiny apartment, we’ve been dealing with a super tiny-ass kitchen. It’s a problem because we love to cook, but there is barely enough space for one person to fit here, let alone two.

We’ve slowly been figuring out work-arounds that help us use it. For example, I found some awesome helper shelves at Big Lots that give me more shelves in the pantry instead of stacking stuff up in there. I also got some baskets at Target that I put stuff in so that I can slide the whole basket out at once instead of taking every little thing out. This is a huge help because I can take out all my spices at once and either have them out on the counter while I’m cooking, or just get to the juicer I have stored behind the spices. I’ve also gotten pretty handy with a drill- my first project was hanging our teacups on the bottom of a cabinet.

My latest project was the utensil drawer. We could never find what we needed and we had to put things in like puzzle pieces to get the drawer closed. But IKEA had the solution- The FINTORP wall rod with hooks to hang utensils and lighten the load in the drawer. The rod was $8 and each 5-pack of hooks was $3. And I think the kitchen looks way more than $14 better. I think it looks awesome.

In case you’re interested, we got the teakettle, canisters, and Nespresso from Sur la Table and the art from Nan Lawson and Bookworm Eats Flower on Etsy. You’re out of luck on the Chuck poster, though. It was from Comic Con years ago.

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  1. Erin says:

    Looks cute!!

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