Adventures in Curly Hair, pt 2: fixed!

After the hair drama a few weeks ago, I tried and tried to get used to my new hair. It was a lovely, quality cut; I looked like a responsible 35-year-old working mother. It was very respectable.

But I’m 24 with no kids and no big corporate job. I don’t need to look respectable. I need to look hot. I got married less than four months ago; I’m not ready to give up sexy yet. And instead of sexy, I felt shaggy, like I was in between cuts. So after she read about my situation, my friend Melissa (who happens to have amazing hair) referred me to her stylist Christina over twitter. And Christina was amazing. She gave me the cutest haircut of my life. Behold:


pixie haircut

I'm 24 again!


Oh hey, my hair WILL do that. I AM capable of using a blow dryer, holy cow! So the crisis is solved and I can shut up about it now. Melissa and Christina both totally ROCK!

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  1. Erin says:

    Yay, so much better!! I love it!!

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