Urban Hunting and Gathering

I recently moved to a new city and one of the things I was most excited about was finding new places to buy food. (Some girls like shoes. I like organic vegetables. Go figure.) I’m excited to report that there are more little indie markets than generic white bread supermarkets near our new place. I’ve only been to Albertson’s once, and it was because I was waiting for the bank to open. I’m not going back because the produce department smells like fish (though seafood is on the other side of the store), there was barely anything organic, and it was expensive. No thanks.

There are a few Asian markets and some Mexican markets within walking distance, plus Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods just a few minutes away by car. I love all the neat new things I can experiment with as well as all the fresh produce coming in from Mexico. And at the markets nearby, it’s not all homogenized so it’s super-cheap compared to the fancy supermarkets where you don’t need to know how to pick an avo because they label them when ripe. (I’m not bitter, why do you say that?)

Be prepared, I’m going hunting and gathering, suburban style.

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